reiki and crystal chakra rebalance

Usui Reiki & Crystal Chakra Rebalance

Usui Reiki & Crystal Chakra Rebalance in Epsom, Surrey.

90-minute treatment

The Cost ~ £60.00  

Crystal Chakra Rebalancing

Crystal chakra rebalancing begins with a gentle foot massage using crystal infused organic sunflower oil.  Once beautifully relaxed, you will receive healing.  This is followed by a second foot massage, this time using a crystal wand.  Finally, the seven main chakras are rebalanced by gently massaging corresponding points on each foot.

This blissful treatment creates feelings of balance, clarity, oneness and deep relaxation.

Usui Reiki

Reiki is given laying on a couch.  You do not remove clothing, only your shoes.

Your head and neck will be comfortably supported on a pillow, a pillow will also be placed under your knees to ensure your back is nicely supported.   You will always feel safe and secure.

I place my hands on various points on the body, allowing the healing energy to flow.  At no time is your modesty, dignity or comfort compromised.  There are points where I work away from the body, the power of the healing is not diminished in any way.  You may feel warmth, tingling or other sensations as the energy flows.  Whilst my hands are placed at certain points, the healing will always go exactly where it is needed.

There will be a consultation prior to and post-treatment.

Location: Epsom, Surrey


To book you can CALL/TEXT: 07483817206 between the hours of 9.00am and 8.30pm or pop your details in the form below