Crystal sound therapy epsom surrey

Crystal Sound Therapy

This is a gorgeous holistic therapy which involves the use of tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and crystal singing pyramid to apply vibrational sound to both the physical body and the subtle body which, when used in conjunction with crystals, clears any energy blocks and enables chi (life force energy) to flow smoothly,  giving your body’s self-healing abilities a boost.  With this gorgeous healing modality, not only do we work with the seven main Chakras, which are within the physical body, we also work with two Chakras which are situated within the etheric body, the Soul Star Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra.

Crystal sound therapy epsom surrey

Crystals are placed along the central line of your body on your Chakras.  The crystals used would be a beautiful combination of Selenite, Apophyllite, Black Moonstone, Kyanite, Celestite and perhaps the more familiar Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.  
I apply a 111hz tuning fork to the Chakra  points on your feet, this frequency (the master frequency) relates to the production of endorphins and by placing the tuning fork over the Thymus gland (situated in your chest) your immune system receives a boost. 

After a treatment.
Sound healing is incredibly powerful and it should be remembered that your reaction at each session may vary.  That which is needed…will be done.  There may be times when you experience profound healing, be that emotional, mental or physical. During the days following treatment you MAY feel achy, tearful or generally tired.  This is because your energy centres have been realigned, your channels cleared and you are experiencing a release.  

Be extra respectful of your physical and etheric body.  Nurture yourself. Drink plenty of water and eat well.  Be mindful of your environment, spend time in quietness. Take lovely relaxing salt baths, Himalayan, Dead Sea or Epsom Salts, add essential oils to the water, light a candle…or six and luxuriate!

Of course you may not have such a profound experience, you may have feelings of being thoroughly cleansed, deeply relaxed, exhilarated, “taller” Joyful. All of these feelings are normal. 

I would recommend a repeat treatment two weeks after your first treatment.  Whilst of course coming for sound healing at times of crisis or stressful times in your life is beneficial, making a monthly sound healing part of your self-care regime,  will be extremely healthful.

Crystal Sound Therapy

Crystals are placed with intention along the central line of your body on your Chakras.  
Using tuning forks, crystal singing pyramid and crystal singing bowls, your chakras will be rebalanced and the beautiful vibrational sounds will clear energy blocks.  This is followed by a period of silence, which allows your body to gently return to the now.  This is a 60 minute treatment

The Cost ~ £45.00

Or why not try…..

Usui Reiki & Crystal Sound Therapy 
120 minute treatment 
The Cost ~ £75.00



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