Crystal chakra rebalancing

Crystal Chakra Rebalancing

Crystal chakra rebalancing begins with a gentle foot massage using crystal infused organic sunflower oil.

Once beautifully relaxed, you will receive healing.  This is followed by a second foot massage, this time using a crystal wand.  

Finally, the seven main chakras are rebalanced by gently massaging corresponding points on each foot.

Crystal chakra rebalancing

This blissful treatment creates feelings of balance, clarity, oneness and deep relaxation.

The treatment is 30 minutes of pure LOVEliness.  There will be consultation prior to and post-treatment.
The cost ~ £25.00

Why not try….

Reiki & Crystal Chakra Rebalance
90 minutes
The cost ~ £60

To read more about the crystals that I use in my treatments you can pop along and read this post


To book a Crystal Chakra Rebalancing treatment you can CALL/TEXT: 07483817206 between the hours of 9.00am and 8.30pm or pop your details in the form below

All treatment sessions take place in Epsom, Surrey. Close to the town centre and train station.

You can now pay for your treatment securely online or via credit/debit card at the start of the session.