I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted and super relaxed

Thank you, Eve!  I arrived feeling very stressed but once this lovely lady started her magic, relaxation was almost instant.  Crystal chakra rebalancing is the most wonderful feeling.  My mind’s eye viewed beautiful purples, yellow flashes which were overtaken occasionally by baby pinks and blues and greys.  I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted and super relaxed.  Thank you again! Highly recommend.

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I highly recommend her

I have just been for chakra healing and I have to say I found it so relaxing and calming.  I experienced a couple of strange feelings through my body, but they were all very calming feelings.  Eve is a lovely lady who you instantly warm to and such an interesting lady to talk to.  I highly recommend her and I look forward to going for Reiki in a couple of weeks.      

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I can’t wait to return for some more

Eve is fantastic and has very gentle healing hands.  She worked on my feet and it was the best experience ever.  Very calming and relaxing.  I definitely felt something negative leave my body through my foot!  My back had had some twinges and it has been fine ever since.  I can’t wait to return for some more.  Highly Recommend.

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