Just on my way back from the most amazing soul awakenings retreat. Thank you so much Eve everything was wonderful especially the sound bath and crystal chakra  treatment. Blissful stuff  
Ruth H.

I've had the most wonderful healing and amazing times spent with Eve at her goddess circles. I’ve experienced her Reiki healing as well as crystal and sound healing and they are all amazing! I would highly recommend the lovely Eve and all her treatments, she’s just wonderful!

I had an amazing sound and reiki healing today from a amazing lady called Eve, so much warmth and an amazing session.  Eve is a remarkable and loving person such a beautiful soul thank you Eve xxx
Sue G.

I had my my first treatment with Eve today. She is a caring, compassionate person with an amazing abi
lity to tune into you. I felt truly relaxed and grounded after my treatment and will definitely be visiting again. Thank you Eve! x
Hayley B.

I had the beautiful experience of having both treatments with Eve, what an amazing experience, so much positivity, calmness and love in the house and in Eve, I felt like a change had happened. 100% recommend. Truly beautiful. Thank You.
Nikkii  C.

Eve is fantastic and has very gentle healing hands.  She worked on my feet and it was the best experience ever.  Very calming and relaxing.  I definately felt something negative leave my body through my foot!  My back had had some twinges and it has been fine ever since.  I cant wait to return for some more.  Highly Recommend.
Ruth C. 

I have just been for chakra healing and I have to say I found it so relaxing and calming.  I experienced a couple of strange feelings through my body, but they were all very calming feelings.  Eve is a lovely lady who you instantly warm to and such an interesting lady to talk to.  I highly recommend her and I look forward to going for Reiki in a couple of weeks.            Pauline S.

Thank you Eve!  I arrived feeling very stressed but once this lovely lady started her magic, relaxation was almost instant.  Crystal chakra rebalancing is the most wonderful feeling.  My minds eye viewed beautiful purples, yellow flashes which were over taken occasionally by baby pinks and blues and greys.  I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted and super relaxed.  Thank you again! Highly recommend.
Lisa J.

I have had some Reiki healing from Eve and it was very interesting and afterwards, very peaceful experience.  I loved Eves presence, which was very nurturing and spiritual yet firmly grounded.
Nic M.

I have had both Crystal Chakra Rebalancing as well as Reiki treatments which have been calming, rejuvenating and peaceful experience.  The location is excellent, situated very close to town centre.  Highly recommended.
Tilly L.

Dearest Eve,  I so loved the Reiki session with you, I felt so relaxed, just what I needed. I love the beautiful space you have created. I will be booking again soon
Sally A.

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