A sound Bath is an incredibly powerful yet beautifully gentle therapy that takes you into a gloriously divine relaxed state. 
Firstly you are made comfortable laying down on the floor on a traditional Thai mat.  
Then you just close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths, we shall focus on those breaths together for a few moments.....and then the sound bath begins.
You will be blissfully submerged in the sounds and vibrations of Crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, drums and all manner of gorgeousness to envelope your very being.  A sound bath is...a meditative experience,  your brain waves are altered to a more relaxed state, so that you lose feelings of judgement and ... well... you just stop... thinking about... anything.  Silence is also part of the therapy, and is as equally important. The vibrational sounds shift blocked energies, promote physical healing...and the silence...soothes your body and brings you slowly back to the now. 
If you have mobility issues or are not comfortable getting down onto the floor, just let me know when you make your appointment and I shall set up the therapy couch for you. 

Wear something loose and comfortable and maybe some nice warm socks.