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Goddess Circle

The next Goddess Circle Workshop is on Saturday 4th April from  4.30 til 6.30  we will take part in a guided meditation during which you will receive Reiki.  Whilst the energy is nice and high we have Oracle card readings. In our little workshop this week we will be making our own Aura Spray. All ingredients are supplied and of course….there is delicious Chakra Tea…herbal teas..coffee…..and homemade cake ~ Cost £15.00

Goddess Circle

We are a small friendly circle, usually consisting of between four and six ladies varying in age and in spiritual experience, no matter where you are on your path you can be assured of a very warm welcome!

The meditations are of the guided variety, so, whether you meditate regularly or are a newcomer you will feel comfortable taking part. Maybe you have never meditated before, and are curious, it is perfectly acceptable to just sit quietly, with your eyes closed, relaxing, listening to soft music…and who knows, you may just find yourself floating away on your very first session!

After meditation we can share our experiences, maybe feelings which arose, this is a lovely time to offer support, or ask questions, it is also perfectly fine if you prefer to just listen, you only share what you wish to share.

The oracle card readings are mainly for fun, however, we do all enjoy finding that what they have to say often resonates really rather strongly.

We take part in little rituals using crystals, from, how to balance your chakras to, learning which crystals can assist in healing.

Occasionally I hold a short workshop, thus far we have made gorgeous incense, upcoming are plans to make body butter, aura spray, Sleep and Dream posies, and all manner of loveliness!

I have settled on a contribution of £10.00 for a circle gathering. Gatherings which also have a workshop are £15.00 this covers the cost of ingredients, containers etc.

You may either pay online when you book your space, or, pop the money in the Blessings jar. Do drop me a line if you would like any more information.

Love & Light, Eve x

Occasionally we like to venture out into the world in search of loveliness. Back in the summer, we had a wonderful day in Glastonbury, soaking up the beautiful energies, partaking of the healing waters from the Chalice Well…and bathing our feet in said waters…..oh so so!! cold…but! absolutely fabulously energising! By the end of the day only a couple of the girls were up for the climbing the Tor…however…we all! had a gorgeous time…and of course…there were absolute treasure troves of wonderful crystals and oils to plunder 😉   We shall be returning soon! 
Future plans include a visit to the Buddhapadipa Temple, a Thai Buddhist Temple in Wimbledon Village and to the beautiful Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple in Neasden NW London

Sample one of my guided meditations


CALL/TEXT: 07483817206 between the hours of 9.00am and 8.30pm or pop your details in the form below