Chakras, Crystals


Just a little note about the oil and some of the crystals I use.

The oil is organic sunflower oil, which is absolutely packed with Vitamin E and also rich in Vitamin A, C and D.  Containing antioxidants which aid in the prevention of the signs of premature ageing.  It is beautifully rehydrating for dry and sensitive skin and is easily absorbed and non-greasy.  The oil is infused with crystals, thus taking in their beautiful energy.

Clear Quartz, the Master Healer! Rebalances the body strengthens concentration raises vibrational energy to its highest level. A beautiful, powerful crystal.

Rose Quartz, strengthens positive affirmation, the restorer of trust and unconditional Love.  Assists at times of change and uncertainty.

Citrine is known as the sunshine crystal, and rightly so! Holding this little beauty in my hands makes my heart sing and brings that lovely smiley feeling that you have on a sunshiney day! A gorgeous way to raise your self-esteem, beautifully motivational and energises every aspect of your life.  And if that is not enough, it is also the crystal of abundance!  Place high up in a corner diagonally opposite to the door of your room, office or place of business.

Carnelian is a gorgeous orange crystal, a great restorer of vitality and promoter of courage. It is great for giving sluggish metabolism a boost, increases creativity and is a lovely healer of the lower back.

Amethyst is oh so beautifully powerful and protective!  We would use this for the promotion of emotional centring, to strengthen the release of negativity, a lovely way to relieve a headache and an absolutely wonderful stress reliever!

Crystal Chakra Rebalance

Crystal chakra rebalancing begins with a gentle foot massage using crystal infused organic sunflower oil.  Once beautifully relaxed, you will receive healing.  This is followed by a second foot massage, this time using a crystal wand.  Finally, the seven main chakras are rebalanced by gently massaging corresponding points on each foot.

This blissful treatment creates feelings of balance, clarity, oneness and deep relaxation. 

The treatment is 30 minutes of pure LOVEliness.  There will be a consultation prior to and post-treatment.



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