COMING SOON | Floral Tisanes


COMING SOON | Floral Tisanes

Soul Awakening Floral Tisanes

I am working on two gorgeous floral tisanes, using flowers, herbs and roots. The first will contain a mix which will help to bring balance to the Chakras, whilst having the added benefits of being gorgeously calming and soothing. Deliciously light and fragrant this Soul Awakening Chakra tisane will contain: Sweet Violets, Chamomile, Rosebuds, Rose Petals, Cornflowers, Eucalyptus, Dandelion Root & Angelica Root.

My second tisane will connect you with your divine feminine, a beautiful Soul Awakening Goddess tisane. The exotic fragrance of Jasmine, Rose petals and Elderflowers with the gorgeous warmth of Black Pepper and Star Annise

Both tisanes are beautifully light, fragrant and refreshing and are caffeine-free. During warm weather, they would be just as delicious if you were to serve them chilled.

All flowers, herbs and roots are reliably sourced. Please check the ingredient list and if you are in any doubt about possible allergies or contraindications, please consult with your GP.

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