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BEHIND THE SCENES |Crystal Sound Therapy

I thought I’d take you on a tour of the Crystal Sound Therapy that I offer and give you a taste of what you can expect if you choose to book a session.

I am always ready to welcome you as you arrive. Hang up your coat, switch off your mobile…and kick off your shoes!

The room is lit by candles, there is soft music playing and incense burning, you will immediately begin to feel that you have stepped off of the merry go round of your busy day.

After a little chat about how you are feeling, whether there is anything you would like us to try and address, I settle you onto the therapy couch, ensuring you are nice and snug.

We concentrate on taking some nice deep, cleansing breathes. I then place crystals along your chakras. I place one just above your head, one on your forehead, one on your throat, the others are placed on top of the blanket over the relevant chakras.

At this point, I may introduce other crystals which I feel will resonate best to bring healing to you. Selenite and Crystal Quartz points are then put in position to connect all the crystals, from your Soul Star Chakra (a few inches above your crown chakra) all the way down to your Earth Star Chakra (a few inches below your feet).

I then use tuning forks at each chakra point, whilst I am working around your head you will hear as well as feel the vibrations, these are not unpleasant, however, if at any point you do not like a particular sensation, let me know, and I will move the forks away from that point.

I also apply the tuning fork directly to a point on your chest. The tuning forks are also applied to points on your feet which relate to your chakras.

I then check throughout your aura using the tuning forks and selenite for weak spots. After sounding Tingsha Bells ( a little like tiny symbols with a delicate chime) I begin to play the crystal pyramid around your head which produces a delicate, light vibrational sound, then travelling along the full length of your body.

We then move on to the Crystal Singing bowls, these have such gorgeously powerful vibrations, and whilst the bowls are not placed on your body, you feel the vibrations deep within your very being and of course, hear their different tones.

This part of the treatment is deeply meditative, you may find yourself falling asleep, experiencing beautiful visuals, feelings of being completely relaxed and deliciously at one with the Universe.

After the singing bowls, we soothe and calm your entire body, mind and spirit by playing Koshi chimes, beautiful wooden wind chimes which are attuned to individual chakras, bringing you back gently and slowly to the now.

The last part of the treatment is carried out in silence, your aura (your energy field) is soothed and sealed using selenite wands and last, but not least, you will receive gentle hands-on healing.

We will then have a drink of water and can talk through your experience, how you are feeling, and I will answer any questions you may have. You will be encouraged to rest well, drink plenty of water for the next couple of days, and to generally be kind, loving and gentle with your Self.

I cover more of what to expect in the days following treatment on the Crystal Sound Therapy page.

Much Love & Light! Eve


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